Student Culture

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School Culture

The culture of our beauty school is the heart and soul of who we are and how we represent ourselves as future professionals. It’s what sets us apart from every other school.

The culture is not to be confused with policies, procedures and rules. (everyone has those). It’s a set of beliefs and values that ensures that everyone has a rewarding, successful and fun experience throughout your time here. So live them embrace them and protect them.

1. Be Proud of Your School
There are many choices, you chose to be here. People look at you differently when they know you are a student here. So be proud of it. If your not then why be here?

2. Promote Your Profession
Everywhere you go and to everyone you meet, you know how great it is so tell everyone else.

3. Be Respectful
Of your teachers, fellow students and staff. It’s not a sometimes thing. It must be always!

4. Be Responsible
For your own actions. No one is perfect but responsibility is the start of the learning process.

5. Work Hard Always
Your work ethic starts and continues from the day you begin school and will carry you through your entire career. It is a state of mind that leads to future success.

6. Don’t Complain
Unless you have a plan to fix what’s wrong. No one wants to be around complainers. It drains your energy.

7. Don’t Be Negative
Or listen to negativity either! It’s a sure path to failure in business or life. Would you hire or want to be with someone negative?

8. Don’t Gossip
Nothing good ever comes from it. It doesn’t matter whether you said it or just listened to it, it’s all the same, you’re just as guilty. And don’t think those who you gossip with don’t gossip about you, they do!

9. Be A Team Player
Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when everyone works together. Share and help one another and take pride in group success.

10. Have Fun
If you’re not having fun, I would say you don’t believe and live the first nine!

Not only are these 10 our culture that we believe in,
your future employer will be looking for these qualities in you!