Why Do Stylists Wear Black?

Leon Studio One School of Beauty Knowledge (8)All salons are different but think about a lot of the salons you’ve been to. Black seems like the attire of choice for most stylists. Though some do not, many professional salons have a policy that requires their stylists to wear black. This is a part of the beauty industry’s standard of uniformity and professionalism. While there is a very simple reason to why stylists wear black, there are also other reasons.

The Real Reason:

Camouflage is the real reason why stylists wear black. While you can spill things on black clothes, the stains won’t show because the clothing is already dark. Wearing black is the easiest way to disguise stains and dyes that splatter on your clothes throughout the day. Even stains from lightener can be “fixed” with fabric dye or a sharpie can restore the black color.

Other Benefits:

Always in Style

Black is a sleek, neutral, and sophisticated color that will never go out of color. No matter the season or year, it is a timeless color that looks good for a wide range of body types. Fashion-wise, we know that it is a color that looks good on anyone. It goes with anything and easily can be dressed up or down. In black attire, salon staff can all look nice and formal. Plus, stores will never run out of black clothing, meaning stylists don’t have to wear the same outfit every day, they just have to wear the same color.

High Contrast, Low Maintenance

Black is a neutral color that doesn’t alter the perception of colors placed near it. This means black can be used as a line of contrast allowing for the client and the stylist to see where necklines sit, what layers look like, and what the true representation of a clients hair color is. Wearing any other color might make the client’s hair appear differently because of the refraction of the light and color in the hair. In cases where the clients’ hair is darker, the stylist will often stand to the side so that the dark hair doesn’t meld into the backdrop of the black clothing the stylist is wearing. A dark colored smock is also used for the same reason.

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