Coloring Your Hair: Why Go Darker for the Winter?

Darkening up our luscious locks for the winter season has been a common movement amongst women for years. Most women tend to gravitate toward darker tones in the fall and winter because of the warm and rich feeling it radiates. If you are thinking about changing up your hair color to add some excitement during the fall and winter season, it is important to keep a few things in mind before going dangerously dark!

We recommend keeping things balanced. Depending on whether your skin tone is considered “cool” or “warm,” it could drastically change the hue of the hair color. For this reason, we suggest not going drastic and staying within two shades of your natural hair color if you plan on just “darkening up” for winter. Sometimes, simply adding some of the dimension that was lost during the summer through low lights may be just the answer you are looking for. Adding lowlights to your hair can add warmth and depth, which is great for winter.

Need suggestions? Rich, red tones are very popular this season. Liven up your look with a fiery cinnamon shade or a dark cherry color – perfect for the holidays. If you have golden tresses, consider a rich strawberry shade if you fear parting with your blonde hair completely. Amy Adams’ strawberry gold locks are a prime example of how blonde can look more vibrant with a hint of warmth.

If you’re open to experimenting, just stop in with an idea and let us help you. Our colorists are fully capable of finding the perfect shade that will not only compliment your skin tone and complexion, but will exude winter brilliance just in time for all of those fabulous holiday parties!