Fall Haircare Tips: Break A Kit-Kat Bar, Not Your Hair

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Healthy Hair or Horrifying Hair?

Halloween is meant to be scary. Haunted houses. Ghost stories. Jack-O-Lanterns. Cemeteries. Vampires and zombies and aliens, oh my! With so much to love about this spooky season, it can be easy to get lost in all things Halloween. But your hair isn’t meant to frighten your friends and family. If you read our article “Why Won’t My Hair Grow? then you already know that when your hair does not receive enough nutrients, the ends of your hair split in two or three. As the split goes higher and higher up the strand, it eventually breaks off. Hair breakage is further characterized by frizz, brittle texture, tangles, and fly-aways. (Which is not a good look on anyone.) The key to preventing breakage is in your Fall haircare routine.

Beware Changing Temperatures

As the warm weather fades and cold, dry air takes over, those shiny, bouncy locks become flat and frizzy. Treat your hair right and switch up your daily routine with these four Fall haircare tips:

1. Say No To Hat Hair

Knit hats are adorable, especially when they match your scarf and gloves, but wearing a hat––even to disguise a bad hair day––creates heat and friction. As a result, clean, dry hair can attract positive charges, leading to static electricity, or it can trap heat, leading to sweaty strands and excess oil at your roots. Combat static by hydrating hair with salon-grade shampoos and conditioners meant to lock in moisture. Or fight greasy hair by avoiding heavy conditioners and opt for a dry shampoo instead.

2. Moisturize For Shiny, Healthy Hair

Witch’s brew may be your go-to drink on Halloween but a quality conditioner should be your go-to every day of the season. Conditioners that nourish hair to seal in moisture and retain your hair’s natural oils will make it softer and shinier.

3. Skip The Hair Ties

Ponytails are one hair trend that will never go out of style. However, hair ties pull on strands, weakening the integrity of the follicle itself. As a result your hair can break or flake. Skip the hair tie and leave your hair loose around your ears and shoulders.

4. Get A Trim or Try A New Haircut

The quickest and easiest solution to making your hair appear shinier, healthier, and fuller is to get it cut. A regular trip to the salon to remove split, broken ends will prevent further damage and create the illusion that your hair is thicker and longer.

Fall hair care is all about preventing breakage. We don’t want to stop you from doing or wearing the things you love, but protecting your hair now will ensure that when spring comes, your hair is looking its best.