Product Alert: Hydrate Your Hair

If you read last month’s post Summer Hair Protection then you know that the sun can do some serious damage to your hair. Dry ends. Damaged strands. Scalp sunburns. The not-so-perfect side effects to an otherwise perfect summer. Reevaluate your summer haircare routine now and save yourself a headache come fall.

These wonderful moisture shampoos will re-hydrate your hair. Available at both salons!


Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo

by Paul Mitchell

Protect vulnerable hair from the sun with this color-safe shampoo that hydrates and revives hair by plumbing hair strands and repairing damage. Add body and repair hair from the inside out!


Extreme Moisturewash

by Celeb Luxury

This sulfate-free shampoo cleanses, nourishes, hydrates, and restores hair to a healthy, natural feel.



by Sebastian

Hydrate dry, frizzy, and chemically treated hair with this intense nourishing formula. Get silky body and shine!