Say Good-bye to Frizz For Good!

Achieving silky-smooth hair isn’t always easy. Discover the best– and worst– techniques for frizz-free strands.


Shampoo too frequently. The key ingredient in most traditional shampoos is called sodium lauryl sulfate. While it may be an effective cleanser, it can leave your hair looking dry. Keep your hair hydrated by using a 100% sulfate-free shampoo.

Skimp on deep conditioner. Unless your hair is extremely fine, use deep conditioner each time you shampoo to add moisture and shine. To ensure that it really penetrates hair strands, leave it on in the shower for a few minutes.

Vigorously towel dry your hair. Roughing up wet strands with a towel will rough up your hair’s cuticles. Instead, gently press and squeeze the water out.


Invest in a diffuser. They are inexpensive, may cut your drying time in half and often can conveniently attach to your blowdryer.

Dry on a cool setting. You’ll allow humidity to wreak havoc on your hair by applying too much heat. You are also ideally using an ionic, high-wattage blowdryer.

Go for a medium to long cut with flattering layers. When hair is cut evenly all around, it creates a lot of volume towards the bottom. For a sleek style, ask your stylist to gradually angle your hair back away from your face.

Adhere to these tips and, before leaving home, apply some shine serum to the ends of your hair to seal in moisture. Farewell, frizz!