Beauty School Tips For Success

When you invest in beauty school, your future depends on succeeding with the program. A lot of people enter beauty school with little knowledge of what’s ahead and leave with amazing new skills. That being said, the most successful students don’t necessarily have to be the best. Successful students manage their time well and understand that beauty school should be a priority. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your time in beauty school.

Ask as Many Questions as Possible

There is no such thing as a stupid question. As a student, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your instructor is a great resource that can answer any questions about specifics. Students are learning and a lot of techniques are new, so instructors expect and encourage questions. It is better to understand how to create a style with a little help than to struggle through it on your own. Successful students have great communication skills and will ask for clarity if they don’t understand. When you leave school, it is best to take the extra five minutes to understand what your client wants than to guess and then have to deal with a potentially angry guest. Avoid these pitfalls and go ahead and fire away with questions.


You may not realize it at first, but you’ll need school supplies and books to succeed in beauty school. This includes pencils/pens, binders, highlighters, notebooks, index cards, and more. Beauty school is like any other school. You have to study and studying is different for everyone.  You know what materials you need to learn best. You’ll also need industry equipment to learn the skills. Your bag of equipment may include rollers, scissors, curling irons, and brushes. Take good care of your equipment. These items affect your performance and determine the quality of your styles, cuts, and treatments.


Cosmetology isn’t a skill that can be mastered by reading textbooks. To score high in school and to impress future clients, you must practice. When its time to take clients, you’ll need to be self-motivated. Let friends and family know they can come to you. Dismiss their fears by telling them you are a future professional who is being supervised by licensed instructors. If you don’t have a client to work on, stay busy by practicing on mannequin heads. Your mannequin is also a great way to practice styles you don’t normally get to try. You might not be able to try these hairstyles on real guests, but when you graduate from beauty school, you’ll want to have learned as many hairstyles as possible. This is not like in the classroom where a teacher is going through a book and assigning work. Stay ahead of your time and keep busy.

Study, Study, Study

No matter what career path you take after beauty school, you must pass the state licensing exam. The more you prepare, the better chance you have of passing. This is not an exam where you can cram the last minute. Study as you go through the program and complete all assignments. Keep in mind your future career as well. Throughout your education, continue to build on your knowledge base. Stay on top of current trends and technology by looking through hair and style magazines. Study industry leaders on how to start your career and even open your own salon. Your education continues after you graduate, so use the unlimited resources at your disposal to your advantage.

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