Tips for Cutting Children’s Hair

When you graduate from beauty school and get your first job, you’ll more than likely have to deal with children. It can be hard to keep focused when children, especially difficult children, come to your chair. The whining, crying, and hiding from the stylist can be the cause of an exhausting situation. However, there are several tips that you can use when cutting a child’s hair.


Your best tool for a successful child’s haircut is a distraction. Televisions or handheld devices are great ways to help kids forget about getting their hair done. You can also give them a doll to work on while you are cutting their hair. Ask their parents if they have anything they like to use to distract their children and make sure they are always close by. In any case, it is important to have space for the child to sit. If they aren’t sitting, they may start wiggling or whining, making your job harder. When done with their hair cut, lollipops are great rewards.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Believe it or not shampooing can actually be the culprit for tangled hair. By brushing out the hair prior to shampooing and refraining from vigorous scrubbing, you can reduce the tangles. Make sure you are using an appropriate conditioner. When drying the hair, try to point the dryer in the direction the hair grows. If you blow in the opposite direction, you can end up with major knots in the hair. You can use a brush or your fingers to gently separate and guide the hair as you are drying it.


One of the main problems with children’s hair is that it tangles easy. Children don’t understand that cutting hair doesn’t hurt. If there are tangles in their hair while you are cutting, they may get upset. Let your products help you. Always use conditioner after shampooing a child’s hair. After you wash their hair, use a detangling spray, hair lotion, or hair oil depending on the child’s hair type. Detangle starting from the ends and work your way up to the scalp. Hold hair tighter with one hand at the scalp and brush with the other hand to reduce tugging. Be careful around the nape of the neck and the ears as these can be more sensitive areas. Hair should be completely detangled before cutting starts. Not only will the experience be painless for the child, but it will also be easier for you.

Cutting Hair

When the child’s hair is wet, part their hair down the center. Kids move a lot and this is the best way to ensure a precise result. Even if they wear a side part, cutting hair with a center part will ensure the hair is cut even. When parted, create small sections and separate it with clips. By working one section at a time, you can detangle bit by bit and reduce the amount of pull when brushing or combing.

Each child has their own set of needs, therefore each situation should be approached in a different way. Read the situation as it is and know that you are trained enough to react accordingly. Once they get used to you, the child will probably look forward to going to get their hair done at the salon.

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