Beyond Cutting Hair


Think back to how you felt the last time you got your haircut. Maybe you went for a simple trim just to clean up those split ends or maybe you cut off six inches for a more drastic change. Either way, do you remember how you felt when you first looked in the mirror? You felt great, right? Confident. Beautiful. Happy.

Now image being the person to create that feeling. Having the power to brighten someone’s day is an unspoken reward that most people overlook when choosing a career.

If you read our post on “Why Cosmetology School?” then you already know several benefits of choosing a career in cosmetology. It’s a growing field of work that quickly puts you into the workforce while still offering the flexibility of managing your own schedule. Like most careers it is important to be hardworking, reliable, and flexible, but if you want to find success in the beauty industry, it’s also important to be a good communicator. Strong consultation skills are essential because cosmetology is about more than just cutting hair, it’s about making connections and building relationships. After all, the main reason that most people choose a salon is their stylist!

Talking with a client helps them to feel comfortable in the chair, putting you in the perfect position to combine your consultation skills, your artistic side, and the technical skills you learned at beauty school to create a flattering, personalized look to fit your client’s face, needs, and lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Start your career today.