2014 Hair Color Trends

They say that there is nothing new under the sun, but in the world of hair color nothing is more untrue. More than ever, celebs are taking chances with their hair color. After all, spring is a time when the world comes into full bloom, so why can’t you do the same?

Ombre is still in, with even chunkier sections of hair being highlighted, which is becoming very popular thanks to people like Kelly Rowland, who recently went all ombre. Very cool! If your skin tends to be more olive, you can still go from dark hair to a lighter color. It will actually warm up your skin some and give you that certain glow, just like Naya Rivera.

If you have been a blonde all your life and want a change, you can try a darker shade, or perhaps even a warm auburn. If you have blue eyes, the darker color will play them up and make them pop, as it does for Margot Robbie. Britney Spears went from blonde to a rich brown with beautiful results, and Molly Sims went from her golden locks to a lovely red, which looks great! If your red tresses seem dull and you want to change it up a bit, try a soft, pale blonde. Your roots won’t be too obvious, and it will give you an added lift, as shown on Kate Mara.

But the traditional blonde, brown and red are not the only colors celebrities are sporting this year. Nicole Richie dyed her hair purple and though you might think was too “out there,” is actually stunning on her. Plus as we all know, Radiant Orchid is the it color of Spring 2014 More off-beat colors can be worn with great sophistication, depending on how you style your hair – Nicole has proven that.

Springtime is the perfect time to take some risks with your hair. Do a little research and talk to one of the reputable colorist here at Leon Studio One for advice. You might even go to a wig shop and sample a few different colors. Changing your hair color is often as good for the soul as it is for your looks. It may just give you that boost you have been searching for!

(Source: Glamour Magazine)