Can Coloring your Hair Change you as a Person?

Everyone has heard the saying “Blondes have more fun,” right? Well when you stop to really think about it, is that really true? Not necessarily whether or not blondes literally have more fun than brunettes, redheads or anyone else with another hair color, but that the simple color of our hair can have an effect on how we live. Recently while doing a bit of browsing on the Internet, we came across this great article by a woman named Sarah Rose Attman on Huffington Post. In it, Sarah discusses how making the decision to dye her hair for the first time a few years ago sincerely managed to change her life.


We’re sure that there are a number of you who can relate to Sarah’s story, as for many years, Sarah had told her friends and family that she wanted to make the change from dark brunette hair to blonde. Because Sarah has olive skin and dark eyes, most of her loved ones discouraged her from making the change, ensuring her that there was no way that blonde hair would look good with her dark features. Their negativity worked; Sarah decided not to make the change – at least not yet.

As we all know, women tend to make drastic decisions (especially with their hair) when they go through tough times. Let’s be honest here; how many of you have chopped off your long locks after a hard breakup? Well for Sarah, it was a few years, a breakup, a college graduation and a big move to a new city later when she decided that she didn’t care what other people said anymore; she wanted to be blonde. Fast forward to six hours of color treatment on her virgin hair and a blowout later and she and her hairdresser stood in front of the mirror speechless. Sarah made a beautiful blonde and she was estatic because she had stopped listening to what others wanted and started listening to what she really wanted for herself. It was a major turning point.

Over the course of the next few years, Sarah had gone from blonde to blue to ombre to black and back to brunette again. She learned to let go of her fears of the unknown, made the decision to leave a grad school she was miserable at and start her know business. She felt lighter, happier and more empowered and free to be whatever she wanted to be.

In Sarah’s own words, “The nice thing about hair is that it grows back and if you don’t like it, you can fix it. But because of this experience, there is a new fearlessness inside of me, an energy which has spilled over into all areas of my life.”

Don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know, you may just find that a new hair color can change your life, just like it did Sarah’s. Make an appointment with one of the Leon Studio One salons today and see how your life can change!