Hairstyle Experts Predict the Comeback of Natural Beauty in 2014!

The New Year is finally here and that means that we will be seeing a whole new palette of 2014 beauty trends! If you’re feverously searching for the perfect haircut to welcome the year with, keep in mind that gorgeous hair goes well above and beyond the cut; you’ve got to have the perfect balance when it comes to texture and color as well. Luckily, the experts have predicted some exciting hair trends for 2014 that will leave you eager to schedule your next hair appointment and say, “New year, new me.”

For the most part, it seems as though 2014 will feature equal parts polished and natural beauty, but what does this really look like?

Haircuts – It’s predicted that as we delve deeper into the new year, softer layers and blended shapes will grow more and more in popularity. It’s all about touchable, shiny, tousled, healthy hair! We’ll see a decrease in super long locks for those who cannot get the look naturally, as more and more ladies opt for a healthier length with clean, definitive layers, like Kerry Washington or Jessica Biel. On the other side of the spectrum, the too-short style will be swapped out for a more chic, edgy look instead. Use Michelle William’s sexy, soft and partially mobile crop as the perfect example of this.

Texture – In order to really enhance the natural texture of your hair, try to be more conscious of what it really needs. More moisture? Lift? A bit of damage control? Whatever it is, use a product that can cater to this need. 2014 will be all about treating and accepting the hair that you were given, and learning to accentuate what makes it beautiful. In order to strengthen that natural texture and bring it out, experts suggest that you put down the blow dryer and let your hair air dry instead.

Color – We’re going to be seeing nature come back more in hair color this year with softer, warmer tones and natural highlights being all the rage. Some of the tones that are predicted to dominate throughout 2014 are rose gold, and a peachy, copper red.

Of course, when it comes to any type of hairstyle and color, it’s important to consider whether or not the look will best compliment your complexion and eye color or not. However, with 2014’s hair trends making an obvious turn towards accentuating natural beauty, we don’t see how you could possibly go wrong in the New Year!