Best Hairstyle Trends from New York Fashion Week 2014

Every year, designers, models, fashionistas and friends flock to the Big Apple for one of the most anticipated events the industry has ever known: New York Fashion Week. Now considering the fact that the 2014 shows have officially come to an end, now’s the time that we look back and make a note of all of the incredible styles that have been highlighted as the “it looks” of the upcoming seasons.

However, while most magazine editors and fashion bloggers are more in tune with the main event – the fashion, of course – here at Leon Studio One, we couldn’t help but focus a bit more on another element of the NYFW shows: the hairstyles models were rocking.

Check out some of the biggest hairstyle trends that we noticed during this year’s New York Fashion Week:

The All-Natural Wave – This particular hairstyle was very popular in a number of shows, such as Polo by Ralph Lauren due to the fact that it’s sort of the final piece to the puzzle for the whole “downtown girl” look. Simple and flowing freely, this style is seemingly effortless and creates the perfect balance between texture and shape.

Braids – Braids were everywhere this year and much like the fashion we saw come down the runway, no two braids were really the same between shows. While Marc Jacobs had his models wearing braided pigtails in an effort to create an edgy sense of innocence, Rachel Zoe’s models wore long, crowning and unkempt French braids, making it seem as though they had each just stepped out of a fairytale book. With countless NYFW hairstylists finding different ways to highlight braids throughout each show, it’s become pretty clear that braids can be for hairstyling what the color black is for fashion.

The Messy Bun – Doing away with the perfectly-shaped ballerina bun, Diane von Furstenberg chose to go with something a little less polished. This year, her models were sporting low, messy, combed-through buns that also managed to remain incredibly chic and flattering. This particular style is so versatile, you could wear it from a cocktail party to the gym and no one would even bat an eyelash.

Of course, these are only just a few of our favorites from the week, but they are definitely noteworthy styles that can easily be transformed from the runway to the streets. Have another favorite style that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know! Then make an appointment at one of our salons so that we can style you like a New York Fashion Week model!

(Source: Guest of a Guest)