Product Alert! Thermal Image by EIMI

Heat Protection Spray

from EIMI by Wella Professionals

Nourish your hair, protect it from heat up to 220°C, and get a flawless shiny finish.

We know you love to blow dry, curl, and straighten your hair to give it that perfect finish but protecting your hair is a lot like protecting your skin. Forming a barrier between your hair strands protects it from the heat of your hot styling tools. Plus, heat protection sprays like Thermal Image:

  • Smooth hair to reduce frizz.
  • Condition hair to restore moisture.
  • Coat hair strands to prevent moisture loss.
  • Make hair shiny and soft to touch.

Find Thermal Image at either of our two salons, as well as other high quality haircare products from Wella Professionals, Sebastian, Paul Mitchell, and more!