Red Hair Care Tips

Red hair always makes a statement. Whether it’s bright fiery or dark burgundy, red hair is exotic, vivid and bold. Red hair is not for the faint of heart because of the big statement it makes. This is not the color for those who want to fade into the background. However, red hair comes with its challenges. The first: Finding the perfect shade. The next: Keeping that shade looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible. Red hair fades fast and before you know it, your bright hair could start looking a little dull. Here are some tips for keeping your red hair as long as possible.


Red hair is tricky, so for best results, it is best to see a professional to maintain your hue. They will not only be able to protect your hair, but they will also create a red shade that is flattering to your complexion and eye color. They also will know when to refresh it when it is time. Your stylist is the best tool to keep your hair in good condition after each coloring session. Make sure you stay on a retouching schedule. Book your appointment each time you leave the salon. Then you won’t have to worry about the last time you refreshed your color. Plus, red hair stains! Why not let your salon scrub their sinks and keep all that red off your bathroom sinks and your hands.


Part of maintaining your color is knowing how to style it properly. When maintaining healthy hair in general, it is important to replace moisture regularly. Depending on your hair’s condition, try to use a hair mask at least once a week. If your hair is extremely dry or damaged, try to use it every time you shampoo. Either way, you should condition your hair every time you shampoo. When you’re outside of the shower, apply a shine treatment to make your color look more vibrant and alive. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to enhance shine and reduce frizz. When using heat tools, keep the temperature as low as you can. That goes the same for the shower. Try for cool to lukewarm water when you shampoo and condition your hair.


Shampooing your hair is the quickest route to color fade. Red hair dye has large dye molecules that are difficult to keep in your hair. Rethink your shampoo. Instead of shampooing every day, swap one day for a lightweight dry shampoo. Consider switching your regular shampoo for a cleansing conditioner, which is low lathering and low detergent. Cleansing conditioners are gentle and condition your hair as they do so. When using your regular shampoo, swap it for a salt and sulfate-free shampoo. The purer the shampoo, the less it will disturb your color.

Celeb Luxury® Shampoo

The Gem Lites® and Viral® shampoos instantly add rich color to enhance existing color. Not only will it maintain, correct, and boost color brilliance, but this system will cleanse your hair and is highly conditioning. The Celeb Luxury System will restore hair to a healthy, natural feeling state. The blend of nourishing panthenol and phytantriol locks in intense moisture, hydrating hair even in low humidity to help prevent breakage. Plus, when alternating with Shinewash®, your color will continue to be vibrant. Plus, they are now featuring Viral Colorditioner in all your favorite shades!

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