Why Won’t My Hair Grow?

Think about to the last time you had your hair dyed. A few weeks later you probably notice that your roots are starting to show, but your hair doesn’t seem to look longer. You can also think about the last time you went months without a haircut, but your hair was stuck at shoulder length. It can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to grow your hair and it is stuck at one length. But why won’t your hair grow past a certain point? Here are a few ideas why.


First, a math lesson. Hair grows at an average rate of a half an inch every month. In one year, the average person’s hair grows about 6 inches. If your hair isn’t receiving enough nutrients and is breaking off at the same rate, then your hair will stay the same length. There is also split ends, which do not make your hair stop growing, but rather assist in hair breakage. Split ends are when the ends of your hair split in two or three, due to your hair not receiving enough nutrients. The split goes higher and higher up the hair, resulting in the ends breaking off. Although your hair may be growing from the root – simultaneously, it is also breaking off from the bottom, making it seem like your hair is stuck at a certain length. Once split ends occur, it is not possible to undo them. The only thing you can do is cut them off and prevent them in the future. Leaving split ends in your hair will just cause them to split further, leading to more hair breakage, and a vicious cycle of no hair growth. Avoid over-processing your hair and try to lay off the heat tools as much as you can. You can also avoid towel-drying your hair too harshly and let your hair air dry.

Genetics and Age

Sometimes hair growth and health are dependent on genetics. Because everyone’s cycle of hair growth is specific to them, once a certain amount of time has passed, the hair will no longer grow and will either break off, shed, or be cut off. Each strand has its own growth cycle, which explains why we have different lengths of hair strands throughout our head. This cycle can be anywhere from 2 to 6 years and is entirely dependent on your DNA. Along the same lines as genetics, your age may also be the reason your hair won’t grow. After a lifetime of heat styling, processing, lightening, dyeing, and a less than ideal diet, your hair weakens as you get older. This causes the cycle of growth to shorten, making hair thinner as well as unable to grow past a certain point. In addition to this, your scalp produces less oil as you get older. This leads to coarser, dryer hair that is more prone to split ends and breakage. Then there is pregnancy. Hormones particularly estrogen, influence the growth phase. Women can lose a significant amount of hair after childbirth. This is temporary though for when estrogen levels return to normal, so will your hair growth.


You may think the saying “You are what you eat” and “Beauty comes from within” are cliche. However, have you ever had a massive junk food binge and woken up the next day with a really attractive pimple? Or have you noticed that amazing glow you have when you’re well hydrated? Hair is the same way! A healthy, vitamin-rich diet will help keep your scalp nourished, which leads to strong, beautiful hair. In particular Iron, Vitamin D, B-complex, and zinc are great for hair growth.

Haircare Routine

Take a look at your daily routine. If jumping into a hot shower, quickly applying shampoo and conditioner, rinsing in the hot water, brushing the tangles, and then blow drying and styling your hair sounds familiar, then you have terrible habits that all contribute to your hair weakening, breaking, and thinning! We all do it, but there are a few changes we can make to help our hair. Try detangling your hair before washing it. When hair is wet, it is weak and more prone to split ends and breakage. When washing, hot water dehydrates hair, causing brittle strands. Turn the heat down to medium and give your hair a blast of cold water at the end of your shower. It may not be pleasant but think of it as an extra boost to wake up in the morning. When washing, leave your conditioner on for a few minutes, or put on a nourishing hair mask to restore nutrients, moisture, and shine to the hair instantly! Then after your shower, grab a microfiber towel or a t-shirt to dry your hair and combat frizz and breakage. When your hair is half dried, apply your hair cream or oil and a heat protectant if you are heat styling.

If all else fails…

If you are really worried about your hair growth, consult your doctor. Your hair could be shedding excessively, leading to less hair growth due to a medical condition like alopecia or an unhealthy scalp. Seeking professional help is always advised to be sure that you’ve covered all your bases.


Try some extensions! The solutions above are all long-term solutions. It can take months before you start to see real results. For those of us who are impatient, hair extensions are the way to add amazing length and volume instantly. Then you can have beautiful, long hair while you grow yours out! Leon Studio One offers Great Lengths Extensions, the best hair extensions in the industry are available! You’ll walk out of your appointment with the long hair you’ve always dreamed of!